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AeroFlo 20 Site Aeroponics System

AeroFlo 20 Site Aeroponics System
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The AeroFlo 20 Site Aeroponics Growing System comes with all of the needed things everything needed to create your own professional grade plants, and in just a very short period of time!

  • The system comes complete with FloraSeries nutrients, Hydroton, Net Cups, Coco Cup Liners, a Water Pump, Supporting Structure and a Manifold.
  • Makes the plants rooting zone into an environment that surpasses everything found in natural habitats and natural growing environments.
  • Will result in creating a healthier, bigger, and extremely fast growing plant, and it does this every single time you use it!



  1. FloraSeries nutrients
  2. Hydroton
  3. Net Cups
  4. Coco Cup Liners
  5. 1 Water Pump
  6. Supporting Structure
  7. 1 Manifold

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