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The VegiBee Garden Pollinator

The VegiBee Garden Pollinator
Brand: VegiBee
Product Code: The VegiBee Garden Pollinator
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The VegiBee Garden Pollinator

Looking an increase garden productivity? About the only proven way is to make the pollenation process of your garden plants more efficient. Pollination is the term used for the process by which pollen is transferred from plant to plant. This enables plant fertilization which in turn produces the flowers, buds and fruit of the plants. Bees are the primary factor in the pollination process but if your garden is contained in an indoor structure like a greenhouse, bees may have a difficult time getting to your garden's plants.
But now there is a new gardening system that actually help increase the pollination process.Introducing the VegiBee™ Garden Pollinator. This little electric wand significantly increase garden productivity by simulating the pollination process that's normally accomplished by honeybees.
What the VegiBee™ Garden Pollinator does is re-create the high frequency vibrations that are created by the bee’s during pollination. These sonic vibrations cause the pollen to be released from the flowers of the plants. The pollen is then collected onto a special collection spoon. There's usually enough pollen collected to pollinate about 4-5 flowers. Simply dip the flower stigma from the same plant that you've just collected the pollen from. This simple process has been shown to increase the average garden yield by more than 30% annually.
VegiBee™ Garden Pollinators are perfect for increasing the harvest on all your tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas and eggplants. It's these kinds of self-pollinating plants that possess the “perfect flower”. They contain both the male and female reproductive parts in the same flower. VegiBee™ can also help overcome low crop yields in these plants that are being caused by shrinking bee populations and home gardens sheltered from the wind.
With VegiBee™, gardeners can enjoy an abundance of fresh homegrown produce for less than the cost of vegetables sold at the grocery. And, with the increase in your garden's production obtained with VegiBee™, most gardeners will recover the cost of the unit by the end of the first growing season. Most commercial growers have used electric pollinating wands to pollinate their vegetable plants. But these Electric wands that can cost $300 or more. The VegiBee™ Garden Pollinator offers all gardening enthusiasts a much more affordable option. Just $49.99 and that includes a recharging unit and Free shipping with every unit.
The 5-speed, rechargeable VegiBee™ Garden Pollinator (VBP-01) includes a recharging base, short and long wand, pollen spoon and is UL certified. It also comes with a six-month conditional warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Features of the VegiBee™ Pollinator:

  • Rechargeable
  • 5 Speeds
  • Long and Short detachable Wands
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping to the 48 contiguous States

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